Babies Love Rattles!

Shake, Rattle and Roll! Why babies love rattles

The unmistakeable gurgling of a happy baby is music to every parent’s ears, and a favourite rattle is a sure way to keep baby entertained.

A rattle is one of the oldest and simplest baby toys, but one that plays a really important part in a child’s development. A simple rattle will help newborn babies develop dexterity and fine motor skills (hand to eye co-ordination) and will promote sensory awareness. The sounds and movements will stimulate a baby’s hearing and vision, and they’ll become almost entranced as they follow the sounds and colours backwards and forwards.

From about six months onwards, they’ll start to make the association between what they’re playing with and the noises and colours that they see and hear. A baby rattle will also help them to explore and discover new things. They’ll love grasping hold of it, pushing, pulling, picking up and throwing it, as they learn more about their world and what they can do.

When you’re ready to buy a baby rattle, consider the following:

  • Newborns can’t see very far, so rattles should be brightly coloured.
  • For slightly older babies choose hand held or ring rattles that are soft, squishy, durable and bright. If they have different textures then so much the better, and they should be easy to grasp and hold onto.

At Little Hathi, we have a wide range of adorable rattles that will not only become favourite toys for babies and their parents, but will add loads of colour and vibrancy to any retail display.

Our most popular baby rattles are the fabulous mini octopus – instantly lovable and quirky characters. But your customers will find it difficult to choose between the rest of the range – colourful flower rattles, quirky animal rattles, wonky bird rattles, pixie and bunny ring rattles and the fabulous range of cup-cake, fruit and vegetable rattles that will teach children about different food groups from a very young age.

All our baby rattles are beautifully made by hand with a crochet or knitted finish and all have been rigorously tested to meet all EU safety standards.

Come and check out Little Hathi’s fabulous range of handmade baby rattles here



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